The number of miso breweries is decreasing year by year, and there are few breweries that are open to the public, so there are very few opportunities to tour the inside of miso breweries. Therefore, this time, with the cooperation of Kato Heitaro Shoten in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture, I was given a special tour of the miso brewery. Enjoy the miso brewery tour!
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【MISOTIMES vol.11】「神奈川ブレンド」加藤兵太郎商店
MISOVATION uses miso from miso breweries all over Japan on a monthly basis, but we wanted to let you know about the miso brewery of the month, so we interviewed the miso brewery and published "MISO TIMES". is issued as In the past, it was enclosed when the product was shipped, but from this month, I want to let more people know! So, I will introduce it in MISO JOURNAL. This month's item is "Kanagawa Blend" from Kato Heitaro Shoten.
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