A complete meal that fills your heart.

Complete nutrition soup "MISOVATION" with 15 kinds of ingredients

Miso of the month

[November] Handmade Koji Miso / Koji Wadaya (Fukushima)

Let's eat "Nutrition"

Complete nutrition soup "MISOVATION" with 15 kinds of ingredients

Be healty in mind,
body and spirit





Complete nutrition soup "MISOVATION" with 15 kinds of ingredients

Complete nutrition soup "MISOVATION" with 15 kinds of ingredients

MISOVATION is the world's first miso soup-flavoured complete nutrition food developed by a nutritionist. Based on the Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese people, this is a new type of soup that allows you to take in all 31 types of nutrients (*) necessary for one meal in a well-balanced manner.

You can get all 31 nutrients you need in one meal.

I am happy for "diet", "physical condition management" and "intestinal activity"
Contains 31 kinds of nutrients

Preserves deliciousness and nutrition by flash freezing

Instead of retort or freeze-drying, we deliver the "fresh taste" and "nutritions that are vulnerable to heat" that can be maintained by flash freezing.

We change the type of miso every month

In collaboration with miso breweries, which are said to have 1,200 stores all over Japan, we deliver different types of miso every month. Enjoy encounters with miso from all over Japan.

No extra additives

15 kinds of ingredients such as vegetables and pork are used luxuriously, and fermented foods such as miso, amazake, and dried bonito are blended in a flavorful soup stock centered on dried sardines from Chiba Prefecture. No chemical seasonings, preservatives, colorings, sweeteners, or flavors are used.

One bowl completes the meal

Approximately 400g (after cooking) per serving, this hearty soup is a staple food. Still the calorie is 250 kcal. Perfect for replacement diets. You can share the meal with your family.

Perfect as a gift

Would you like to deliver healthy miso soup with your daily gratitude? Even if you don't know the address, "e-Gift" is convenient because you can send a gift via LINE, etc.

6/28-30 Miso used for new orders

Kakukyu Hatcho Miso (Aichi)

[Category] Soybean miso [Origin] Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture ・Only soybeans and salt are used as raw materials, miso representing Aichi ・Traditional method from the Edo period (wooden barrel / masonry / natural brewing)
・ Rich richness, a little sourness, astringency

*MISOVATION of June Miso "Ayame Miso (Niigata)" is sold out.



① Loosen the bag and transfer the ingredients to a heat-resistant container.

②Add 150cc of water. If you make it with soy milk or milk, it will be potage style.

③ Heat in the microwave (500W: about 6 minutes / 600W: about 5 minutes and 30 seconds).

④Mix well and serve while hot.


Revive Japan's declining miso industry and bring innovation to preventive medicine around the world with miso soup. MISOVATION was born from the original experience of the representative who is also a nutritionist.

\ Featured in various media /


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pork, soybeans

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*The sardines contained in the dried sardine powder are harvested using a fishing method that mixes "shrimp" and "crab".

MISOVATION does not use any sweeteners, preservatives, colorings, fragrances, or chemical seasonings. Please enjoy with confidence.

I would like you to incorporate 1-3 meals a week (4-12 meals a month) as a guideline for the purpose of improving your normal eating habits. It doesn't mean that you have to eat three meals a day. Rather than continuing to eat only specific foods, the best way to stay healthy is to continue to eat a well-balanced diet while incorporating a variety of foods. We are here.

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