Miso soup is better than salad to solve the lack of vegetables


Hello, this is Yukimi from MISOVATION staff.

Have you been eating healthy meals lately? In our busy work and daily life, we tend to lack vegetables in particular.

This time, we propose "miso soup" as a dish that allows you to consume vegetables more efficiently than salad.

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How many vegetables do you usually eat?
If you don't have enough vegetables, choose miso soup instead of salad.
Full nutrition MISOVATION is full of vegetables

How many vegetables do you usually eat?

salad bar vegetables

It's a sudden, but how much vegetables do you eat in your regular meals?

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, and it is effective to eat plenty of vegetables every day to prevent cancer and heart disease and to maintain good health.

"Healthy Japan 21" formulated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2009 aims for both adult men and women to consume 350g or more of vegetables per day. The actual intake is only about 295g, which is nearly 50g short. (2009 National Health and Nutrition Survey)

350g of vegetables is about the amount of vegetables that can be placed on both hands of an adult.

It is effective just to incorporate store-bought salads into your diet, but the total amount of vegetables in a typical salad is 77-194g, and light-colored vegetables such as cabbage, lettuce, and radish account for the majority, providing the nutrients your body needs. There is also a survey result that green and yellow vegetables containing a lot of are contained only 1 to 30% of the total amount. (*1)

Commercially available vegetable juices also lose some of the nutrients in the vegetables during the manufacturing process, and sweetened juices lead to sugar intake, so it is ideal to eat a variety of vegetables themselves.

If you don't have enough vegetables, choose miso soup instead of salad.

Miso soup with plenty of vegetables

I understand that eating a lot of vegetables is good, but it seems difficult to eat a lot of vegetables every day.

We want to recommend miso soup with plenty of vegetables to such troubles!

When vegetables are boiled and cooked as hot vegetables, the bulk of the vegetables is reduced, and you can easily eat more than raw vegetables.

By adding plenty of vegetables to miso soup and making them hot vegetables, you can easily add vegetables to your daily diet. You can kill two birds with one stone in terms of nutrition. Of course, you can incorporate animal protein such as meat like pork soup!

Cooking your own meals is too busy, time-consuming, and troublesome. Then, why not make a bowl of nutritious miso soup the main part of your meal instead of trying to make multiple dishes every day?

Full nutrition MISOVATION is full of vegetables

Ingredients list for MISOVATION

MISOVATION is a completely nutritious miso soup developed by Saito, a nutritionist who is also a representative. It has been developed so that one meal of Japanese people can take in all 31 kinds of nutrients, and 15 kinds of ingredients are used in one cup.

There are 8 types of green and yellow vegetables that are rich in nutrition, and you can meet colorful vegetables that are fun to look at, such as green broccoli and Japanese mustard spinach, orange Parisian carrot, yellow pumpkin and purple eggplant.

Not only as miso soup, why not add milk to make it potage-style, add curry powder to make it soup curry-style, and add your own original recipe?



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