Why is miso attracting attention again now?


When was the last time you drank miso soup?

A busy morning toast, a stylish cafe lunch, tired after overtime and skipping meals...

In such a life, you can take a break.

A cup of miso soup may heal your tired body and mind.

nice to meet you. My name is Yukimi from MISOVATION staff. While working, I am a mother raising two children in my private life. As a woman who spends her days in a hurry, I would like to share the appeal of miso soup, which is rich in nutrients in just one cup, with everyone on this blog.

Miso, which has supported the Japanese diet for a long time, is now attracting attention around the world as an excellent fermented food unique to Japan.

For the first time, I would like to introduce the nutrition and efficacy of miso.

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Nutrition and effects of miso

Although miso is a familiar seasoning, many people are surprisingly unfamiliar with it. First of all, I will introduce the rich nutrients of miso and its effects.


Miso contains 12.5g of protein per 100g. Protein is one of the three major nutrients that make up the human body. Protein is a combination of many amino acids, but soybeans, the raw material of miso, contain 20 kinds of amino acids, including "essential amino acids" that cannot be produced in the human body. Furthermore, by fermenting and maturing these soybeans, they can be digested and absorbed more efficiently into the body, enabling a well-balanced intake of amino acids.

·Dietary fiber

Miso contains a lot of dietary fiber. Dietary fiber improves the condition of the intestines and smoothes bowel movements, and also has the function of discharging sugar, lipids, sodium, etc. from the body, and is also effective in suppressing the rise of blood sugar and blood pressure.


Lecithin, which is abundant in soybeans, suppresses the absorption of cholesterol and has the effect of preventing weakened immune system and arteriosclerosis. It is also a raw material for acetylcholine, one of the neurotransmitters.


Isoflavones are a type of polyphenol and have strong antioxidant properties. Since "oxidation = aging", ingesting it helps prevent various aging such as spots and wrinkles on the skin, forgetfulness, and fatigue. Isoflavones also act like estrogen, one of the female sex hormones. It is one of the ingredients that you want to take especially consciously if you are in menopause and have decreased estrogen secretion.

In addition to the above, miso contains "vitamin E", which is said to be a rejuvenating vitamin, "vitamin B group" that helps recover from fatigue and strengthen stamina, "linoleic acid" that lowers cholesterol, and "iron" that prevents anemia. It is a treasure trove of nutrients that are good for the body.


Beauty effect of "eating serum" miso

As introduced above, there are many health benefits of miso, but what I would like to focus on this time is its "beauty benefits." According to one study (*1), miso is thought to have the effect of increasing hyaluronic acid, which gives the skin firmness and keeps it plump and beautiful.

In addition, "melanoidin" and "peptide" contained in miso are ingredients with particularly high antioxidant power, and can be expected to prevent aging and beautify the skin.

In addition, it is known that drinking miso soup with a high proportion of rice malt reduces the amount of melanin that causes spots . It has also been clarified that the ability to eliminate active oxygen increases.

In the first place, by improving the intestinal environment, it leads to beautiful skin, and miso is truly an edible beauty essence. Buying expensive beauty products is fine, but miso soup is a simple way to make your body beautiful from the inside out!

The reason why MISOVATION is particular about "miso soup"

If you have read this far, do you understand that miso is a very versatile and healthy ingredient?

There are many ways to supplement nutritional value, such as supplements and vegetable salads.

However, supplements are a little tasteless as a meal, and raw vegetable salads are a huge amount and can't be maintained if you try to take in the amount of nutrients you need in a day. . .

We are particular about "miso soup" because miso has excellent functionality, and by making miso soup with a lot of ingredients, we can provide a lot of nutrients in a bowl. This is because we believe that our miso soup can easily bring a “relaxed” time to our lives.

Miso is attracting attention again in the world.

I know it's full of good things, but it's hard to make miso soup at home every day. Once you buy miso, you may not be able to use it all, or you may get bored with the same miso.

For those of you who are like that, please try MISOVATION, which is developed by a nutritionist and uses 15 kinds of vegetables and meat luxuriously, and you can taste delicious miso from all over Japan every month.

See you next time♪


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