What is a “Complete Nutrition Diet”?


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"Completely nutritious food" has recently been featured in the media as a new style of eating, but there are still many people who are still unfamiliar with it and have a vague idea of ​​what it is.

This time, we will deliver with the theme of "What is a complete nutritional food in the first place?"

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What is a complete nutritional diet?

Points to pay attention to when choosing a complete nutritional diet

MISOVATION's complete nutrition food

What is a complete nutritional diet?

In general, based on the "Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese People" established by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, foods that provide one-third of the required nutrients per day are called complete nutritional foods (or complete foods). .

Since a complete nutritional diet allows us to take in all the nutrients that we need in our daily lives, it can be used to replace one of our meals with a complete nutritional diet. It is characterized by being able to have an ideal balanced meal without the hassle of calculating.

A new food option that meets the needs of modern people, such as those who want to easily finish a healthy meal when they are busy, who want to eat nutritionally conscious meals instead of just eating out, and who want to take good nutrition while on a diet. It is noted as one.

Points to pay attention to when choosing a complete nutritional diet

Even though it is a complete nutrition food, recently various companies have released products, and it seems to be wondering which one to choose.

Of course, it's a complete nutritional food, so it's important to check whether it meets all the necessary nutrients.

Even if you say complete nutrition food, there are many kinds.
For example, "powder" that can be dissolved in water, "drinks" that you drink instead of meals, "bread" and "noodles" that can be replaced as staple foods, and "gummy, chocolate and other confectionery" that can be easily carried are considered complete nutritional foods. exists.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to food.
For those who want something that can be eaten quickly with one hand while working, the drinks and sweets type are suitable, and for those who want to slowly enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal, the staple type is perfect.

By the way, no matter how busy I am, if I don't enjoy my meal and eat it, my performance will drop sharply afterward, so I'm mainly a staple food and soup type.

Find the perfect nutritious food that fits your lifestyle and eating style!

MISOVATION's complete nutrition food

MISOVATION is a product developed with great care by Yuto Saito, the representative who is also a nutritionist.
I interviewed Saito again about his commitment.

Q. Why did you choose miso soup as a complete nutritional food?

A. Existing complete nutritional foods such as pasta, bread, and protein may be nutritious, but they have the impression of being inorganic.
When I returned to my grandma's house, I thought that I could not have an image of these foods on the dining table. Somehow, I feel that the original purpose of eating, “satisfaction of the heart,” is not enough.
From a nutritionist's point of view, I also felt that "it is unknown whether the body will be able to properly absorb nutrients from meals that do not satisfy the mind."
While thinking about it, I came to miso soup, which has been popular with Japanese people for a long time, and I myself love it.

Q. What did you focus on when developing the complete nutrition food?

A. It is important to clearly distinguish between nutrients that are likely to be deficient and those that are not likely to be deficient, to use foods that are as close to natural foods as possible without using unnecessary additives, and to be able to continue daily without suffering. It was developed by defining
I thought that if I only thought about meeting the dietary standards, I would not only supplement the nutrients that were lacking, but I could also overdose the nutrients that I already had.

Firmly distinguish between nutrients that are likely to be deficient and those that are difficult to be deficient Based on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare's "Dietary Reference Intakes for Japanese (2020 edition)", we have developed recipes to ensure a well-balanced intake of 31 types of nutrients. In particular, calories, lipids, carbohydrates, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, chromium, pantothenic acid, and biotin, which are considered to be at low risk of deficiency in a normal diet, are adjusted to below the standard value, and all other nutrients are adjusted to below the standard value. Adjusted to include more than 1/3 of the reference value for minutes.

■ Make food as close to natural food as possible without using unnecessary additives. 15 kinds of ingredients such as pork and vegetables are used. We calculate and develop complete nutrition food with "miso soup" that everyone in Japan loves. No chemical seasonings, preservatives, colorings, sweeteners, or flavors are used. In addition, since it contains miso, which is a fermented food, it supports health not only in terms of nutrients but also in the intestinal environment.

■We believe that miso soup is easy for people to eat on a daily basis. In addition, we change the miso every month, so we hope that you will not only enjoy it, but also enjoy it.

Q. How often do you recommend eating MISOVATION?

A. I would like you to incorporate 1-3 meals a week (4-12 meals a month) as a guideline for the purpose of improving your normal eating habits. It doesn't mean that you have to eat three meals a day. Rather than continuing to eat only specific foods, the best way to stay healthy is to continue to eat a well-balanced diet while incorporating a variety of foods. We are here.

How was it? Please try MISOVATION, which was developed with a focus on satisfying both mind and body.

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