[MISOTIMES vol.6] "Tanba Black Miso" Adachi Brewery

【MISOTIMES vol.6】「丹波黒みそ」足立醸造

Hello, this is Yukimi from MISOVATION staff.

At MISOVATION, we use miso from miso breweries all over Japan on a monthly basis. In order to deliver the thoughts and commitment of the miso brewery that manufactures it, along with the delicious miso soup, we ask for your cooperation in the interview and publish it as "MISOTIMES".

This time, we interviewed Mr. Manabu Adachi of "Adachi Jozo", the manufacturer of "Tamba black miso" used in TAMBA.

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Miso making started by a soy sauce maker that manufactures wooden barrels

"Black soybean miso" born from geography

Natural brewing that makes you feel the climate of the four seasons

Miso making started by a soy sauce maker that manufactures wooden barrels

wooden barrel brewing

MISOVATION "Please tell us how you started making miso."

Mr. Adachi : “Actually, our company has been mainly producing soy sauce since our company was founded (Meiji 22), and we started making miso about 40 years ago. In terms of the size of the business, 95% is soy sauce, and miso is still about 5%.Originally, we were wholesale soy sauce for school lunches in the prefecture, but schools in Hyogo are also focusing on food education. It all started when I was asked if it would be possible to make miso using local soybeans in Hyogo Prefecture .”

MISOVATION "As a company, 'domestic organic soy sauce' is the flagship product. Soy sauce is manufactured in wooden barrels, right?"

Mr. Adachi: “Yes. Our soy sauce is aged in Yoshino cedar wooden barrels. ."

"Black soybean miso" born from geography

Black bean

MISOVATION "The Tamba black miso that I used for this product is a rare miso made from black soybeans, isn't it?"

Mr. Adachi: Yes. About 30 years ago, JA asked us to make miso and soy sauce using black soybeans, and we jointly developed them. Neighboring town of Taka, it is very hot and humid during the daytime in the summer when black soybeans grow, and the temperature difference between the day and night is drastic, and it gets very cold at night. Because of this, the climate and fertile soil create an environment where high-quality black soybeans can be grown.Because our company is located next to Taka-cho, Tamba black miso is a miso product that we have a strong attachment to as a product born from this area. ”

Natural brewing that makes you feel the climate of the four seasons

MISOVATION "Tell us about the characteristics of Tamba black miso."

Mr. Adachi: "We use 100% black soybeans from Tamba Sasayama, including the skin. Our soy sauce and miso are 'naturally brewed' and matured slowly over many years. , It means that the miso is carefully brewed in the natural environment while letting you feel the natural climate.Many naturally brewed miso are aged for 6 months, but our miso is aged for 10 months.You can really feel the umami.The color is black. So, customers think, "It looks like red soup and it looks spicy," but it's completely mellow.It has a mild taste.It's a high unit price for miso, so it's sold in department stores and high-end supermarkets in the city center. We are handling it.”

MISOVATION: It is precisely because of the long aging period that the protein in the soybeans is properly decomposed, resulting in a miso with a strong umami flavor.

What did you think? From now on, MISOVATION will continue to convey to everyone the thoughts, commitments, and charms of miso making.

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